Rapid Transformational


Imagine a life free from fear, doubt, or even pain ...



You don’t have to live with that anxiety, depression, stress, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence, that fear of spiders, that fear of public speaking, that fear of needles, or that fear of rejection anymore…

By resetting your subconscious mind to its natural state – a state of inner calm – you could be living a completely different life, a more enjoyable life, and one that’s more in flow with your true self.

You could be released from that ‘thing’ or ‘things’ that have been holding you back, so that you can actually start living and thriving, not just existing.

You could be boosted in areas of your life where you feel like you’re lacking or not good enough – confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, imposter syndrome….

Real transformational change is possible, with long-lasting results, faster than you might think!

What difference would that make to you?



If physical, emotional, or trauma-related pain is holding you back, we can work together to do something about that too.

Without you telling me anything about it.

Without you having to relive any past hurt or trauma.

We’re talking real, long-lasting, transformational change.


Often within weeks, hours, or even minutes!

Imagine that, especially if it’s a weight you’ve been carrying around with you for years….

Pain-free, medication-free, and without you having to ‘do’ anything….  except sit or lie back, get comfortable, relax, and follow some simple instructions.


How does that sound?


Or how about a boost to elevate you to the next level in your life or career?

Together, we could work on your self-confidence, self-worth, self-appreciation, remove some invisible barriers, or build some rock solid self-esteem?

Is Imposter Syndrome a problem for you?

Say goodbye to feeling like a ‘fraud’, or feeling that you’re not good enough, not qualified enough, not skilled enough, or not [insert word in here] enough.

And what about that crippling perfectionism?  You know, the mind chatter and related feelings you get when you have to produce a report, or submit that project you’ve tirelessly worked on for your client?


How would you like to feel instead?


Relaxed.  Happier.  Calmer.  More capable and in control.  Empowered.  Lighter.  Positive.  Excited.

All of that is possible. 

Watch how it spreads into every aspect of your life.

Imagine that.

A new lease of life on your relationships (with yourself as well as others), your life in general, your studies, or your career.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy



How it Works



Firstly, hypnosis isn’t something that can be done to you, it’s something we do together.

And together, we effectively work with your subconscious mind, and update it.  We create new neural pathways, so the change can happen within a matter of hours or even minutes.

Think of your brain as a supercomputer – which it is.

Sometimes, just like any other computer, it needs a software upgrade, and sometimes it could use a little bit of rewiring for it to work better, removing any troublesome glitches.

Most people’s brain is operating on knowledge gained in their formative years when they were growing up, between the ages of 0 and 8 years of age – and we’re making decisions based on what we learned back then!

So it’s technically NOT your fault, you’ve got a ‘thing’ or two making your life difficult.  Your subconscious mind is trying to protect you, and by working together, we can find another way, a better, healthier way.

And we have a few techniques at our disposal so, together, we’ll find the solution that works for you!

How We Work

Here at Nature’s Way Lifestyle Ltd we are problem-solvers.

This means that our aim is to treat you as fully as we can, in as few sessions as possible.  Which is why we do not offer any Hypnotherapy “Packages”.

If we can get you ‘fixed’ in one session, then it’s happy days all round!  Win, win as they say!

We use an authentic, extremely powerful blend of Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy often supercharged with NLP, to give you the best, long-term results, fast.

We offer private, tailored to you, 1:1 Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Sessions that target a specific ‘thing’ that may be causing you trouble, or holding you back from being a happier, healthier, and better, version of yourself.

The private 1:1 sessions are delivered over Zoom, from the comfort of your own home.

Each session normally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Before our session starts, we’d like you to approach each session by blocking out the time for yourself, for a totally relaxing experience – and one where you may feel like you’ve fallen asleep.

You could even call it self-care!

We’ll need you to prepare yourself and your environment as if you were going for a nap, taking care to make sure you don’t fall off the side of the couch, or topple off a chair, because we won’t be there to catch you!


Our aim is to work with you to solve that ‘thing’ that’s bothering you, in as few sessions as possible.

We are only successful if we work together. 

Hypnotherapy is not something that can be done ‘to’ you.

You have to want to change.

And yes, sometimes, all it takes is one session to free you from years of torment, self-doubt, physical or mental pain, or anything else that has made your life more challenging that it needs to be.


Is NOW a good time to change your life?

If yes, the next step is to scroll down and book your Free 20-Minute Discovery Call with Andrea so we can have a friendly chat, answer any questions you may have, and see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

If not now, when?

Time waits for nobody.

What you do (or don’t do) today affects all of your tomorrows.




Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy is not suitable for anyone experiencing psychosis or epilepsy.  Some medications may also prove contraindicative.  Please consult your medical professional before arranging a Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy session with us.  It is in your best interest to disclose any health or medical conditions when requested.

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence at all times.


Your health journey begins from the Inside.

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