Rapid Transformational


Imagine a Life Free from Fear or Doubt, and a Life Where You're Calm, Relaxed, and Confident....




If someone said to you:

“you don’t have to live with that anxiety, that lack of self-esteem, that lack of confidence, that fear of spiders, that fear of public speaking, that fear of needles, or that fear of rejection anymore…”

How would that change your life?

You could even replace any of those words for something that’s directly relevant to you.



And, if physical, emotional or trauma-related pain’s a thing holding you back, we can try and do something about that too.






Often within minutes.



Pain-free, medication-free, and without you having to ‘do’ anything

except sit or lie back, get comfortable, relax, and follow some simple instructions.



How does that sound?



What would your life look like with that ‘thing’ or things holding you back gone from it;

or with a boost of confidence, self-worth, self-appreciation, or rock solid self-esteem?



Or maybe you struggle with Imposter Syndrome ….


You could say goodbye to feeling like a ‘fraud’, living in perpetual suspense of waiting to get found out that you’re not qualified or skilled enough to be in your job role, being crippled by perfectionism, or even feeling dread when you send your client your invoice!




How would that feel? 

How could that help your career advancement, or if you’re a business owner, how could that boost your business?


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy



How it Works



Firstly, hypnosis isn’t something that can be done ‘to’ you, it’s something we do together.

And together, we effectively work with your subconscious mind, and update it.

Think of your brain as a supercomputer – which it is.

Sometimes, just like any other computer, it needs a software upgrade, and sometimes it could use a little bit of rewiring for it to work better, removing any troublesome glitches.

Most people’s brain is operating on knowledge gained in their formative years when they were growing up, between the ages of 0 and 8 years of age – and we’re making decisions based on what we learned back then!

So it’s not technically your fault, you’ve got a ‘thing’ or two making your life difficult.

And it’s something you don’t have to put up with any longer!      

How we Work


We use an authentic, extremely powerful blend of Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Meditation, enhanced with a relaxing backing soundtrack crafted to match your Theta brainwaves, to deliver the best, long-term results, fast.


There are a couple of ways we can help you.


First, you’re welcome to purchase one of our pre-recorded, clinical quality, HypnoTation Sessions that tackles a particular subject, that you can download and listen to in your own time, as often as you’d like to.

(We’ve included these at the bottom of this page, so scroll on down to access them.)


Alternatively, we offer private 1:1 Rapid Hypnotherapy Sessions that are individually tailored to your needs – targetting a specific ‘thing’ or ‘things’ that may be causing you trouble, or even holding you back from being a happier, healthier, and better, version of yourself.



These 1:1 sessions are delivered over Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. 

All you need is access to a desktop, laptop computer, or a tablet, with working audio and video, and a decent internet connection.

You’ll also need somewhere safe, where you won’t be disturbed, where you can sit or lie down, with your head, neck and body fully supported.

Each session normally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.


Before our session starts, we’d like you to approach each session by blocking out the time for yourself, for a totally relaxing session. 


Call it self-care if you will.


We’ll need you to prepare yourself and your environment as if you were going for a nap, taking care to make sure you don’t fall off the side of the couch, or topple off a chair, because we won’t be there to catch you!


Our aim is to work with you to solve that ‘thing’ that’s bothering you, in as few sessions as possible.

We are only successful if we work together. 

Again, hypnotherapy is not something that can be done ‘to’ you.

You have to want to change.


And, if we can make the required change in one session, then happy days!  (And yes, sometimes all it takes, is one session to free you from years of torment, self-doubt or any fears you may have.)


All you have to do now, is click below to book your Free 20-Minute Discovery Call with Andrea so we can find out more, answer any questions you may have, and see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Scroll down to discover our Powerful Pre-Recorded HypnoTation Sessions



Each of the following Rapid HypnoTation titles are available for you to purchase, download, keep, and replay as often as you’d like to – perfect for those times when you could use an extra boost.


Please ensure you observe the safety considerations posted below and at the start of each recording.


New titles will be added in the coming weeks and months.  If you have a specific request, we’d love to hear from you.  If it’s something helpful for you, chances are it’ll be helpful for someone else too!


After purchase, your selected HypnoTation Sessions will be available for you to download onto the device(s) of your choice as an audio file, and saved in the app or programme offered by your operating system eg iOS or Android.  you will be able to play the audio file as often as you’d like to.





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