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Ready to step into your Power in 2023 and make it a success?


We’ve created a bundle of 5 powerfully relaxing, ridiculously effective, hybrid “HypnoTation” downloads with the potential to change your life – without you having to ‘do’ anything except get comfortable, relax, and follow the simple instructions on each recording.

Transformation comes from within, sometimes you just need some help to release it.

By working together – because you can’t be hypnotised if you don’t want to be – and using an authentic combination NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, and meditation (HypnoTation) each download has the ability to help you get unstuck so that you can break free of what’s been holding you back or as I like to say to my clients:

It’s time for you to stop revving the engine, spinning those wheels, and let’s just release the bloody handbrake!

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Detach from those feelings of self-doubt and feeling like a fraud, or just ‘lucky’, so that you can enjoy a sense of freedom, relaxation, and appreciation of your individual strengths and abilities – and own your power!

Overcome General Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response to danger, but these days it can raise its head at inappropriate times, making things more difficult than they need to be, and even affecting the quality of your day-to-day life.  Let’s retrain your mind and body to become calmer.

Overcome Procrastination

Break free from the habits and resistance tied up ini procrastination, and get things done, calmly and efficiently.  Notice how your life will become easier, more productive, and more fulfilling as a result.

Overcome Fear of Failure

It’s perfectly natural to get butterflies in your stomach from time to time, but when you know how to trust yourself in times like these, you can calmly focus on your actions in a way that will help you start achieving amazing things in your life.

Develop an Abundance Mindset

Step away from living with scarcity mindset and embrace the attitude of abundance so that you can begin to appreciate all hte happiness, security, success, and opportunities you already have, and get the confidence you need to stretch yourself, to achieve more.

Andrea’s voice is very calming and reassuring and helped me to really relax.  After the session I felt really calm, empowered and positive, and I can’t wait to see what other changes I notice of the coming days and weeks.

Sarah P, UK




Fed up and stressed with your current life, and looking for long-lasting change you can build on in 2023?

Our guided programme NEW LIFESTYLE:  POSSIBLE is a 10-week mix of group coaching and training designed to get you from where you are now, and on the path towards where you truly want to be.

With Worksheets and Workbooks to accompany the programme, fun tasks and mini-challenges along the way, you’re invited to become a Founding Member of our supportive, community of like-minded individuals on this BETA round – at a heavily discounted price.

You could even be instrumental in helping us shape the development of this programme!

By joining us you’ll get:

  • Access to Professionally Competent and Experienced Coaches

Sometimes you need a helping hand to shine a light on what’s been holding you back so that you can break free and make real progress towards what’s important to you.

  • Get Clear on What You Want

Success means different things to different people, and this is not a one-size fits all approach.  Our self-assessment tools and worksheets can help you identify what’s important to you, and assist on your journey towards a better life / lifestyle,  covering 10 fundamental pillars for an holistic approach.

  • Easy to Follow Tutorials, Weekly Live Session

With a weekly Live Session broadcast over Zoom and simultaneously live streamed into the Private Facebook Group we’ll introduce the topic for that week along with any supporting resources and tools that will help you to make progress in that particular area.  Additional live coaching calls and weekly check-ins will also support the Founding Members.

  • Lifetime Access to the Course/Programme

Because life evolves, and change is inevitable, we’re giving you lifetime access to the training materials, resources, recorded live events, etc so that as you upgrade your life, you can revisit any of the topics we cover, as often as you’d like to.  (It’s also a great way of tracking your progress and seeing just how far you’ve come!)

Andrea was enthusiastic and extremely inclusive of everyone.  She got everyone involved in a lovely manner and was very approachable.  Really enjoyed the course, have learned a lot.  Thank you!

Anonymous, UK




Imagine feeling the best you ever have – full of energy, positive and happy, and ready to take on the world!

Join me for an hour a week over 10 weeks and I’ll help you ‘unpack’ so you can find clarity, inner peace, and tap into your own innate wisdom that will help you get unstuck, moving forwards in your life, and feeling more capable to handle whatever life throws at you.

Each session is delivered on a 1:1 basis with a Transformational Life Coach, and you can join me from the comfort of your own home via the power of Zoom (providing you have access to a decent internet connection and an electronic device with working audio and video capabilities).

All you need to know is that it’s possible! 

– Wolf, an Appalachian Trail Hiker



Andrea’s patience and calming demeanour was able to change my mindset which has now enabled me to have clarity, drive and purpose.  I can now say that I am totally renewed and am ready to take the world on and face any challenges that come before me.

Deborah H, UK

Your health journey begins from the Inside.

The key to success in any lifestyle change is…… preparation. Our Meal Plans have that part covered so you only have to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

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