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Are you feeling lost, stuck in a rut, like your life is a shambles, unfulfilled with the way your life’s panning out and you’re doubting your self, and your abilities? 

Maybe you’re feeling worthless, numb, or there’s no enjoyment in your life.

Or you’ve caught yourself saying something like “I’ll be happy when … “

… I get that promotion and pay rise

… I get that new car

… my own house

… that qualification

… that [insert your thing here]?


Or, you’ve reached a crossroads in your life, business, or career, and don’t know which direction to go…

Then Therapeutic Life Coaching is for you.

Delivered EITHER over two consecutive days through an in-person experience, OR spread over 12 weeks for an hour a week online or in person, this is a transformational, powerful coaching programme uniquely tailored to you.


And unlike many coaching programmes out there, this one is not goal oriented, so there’s nothing for you to actually DO – unless I have a technique in my toolkit that I know will help you and most of those will be shared with you during our session.


This is solution-based Therapeutic Life Coaching with the power to change your life across every aspect of your life, personally and professionally – fast and effortlessly.

How can Therapeutic Life Coaching help me?


Therapeutic Life Coaching is for you if:


  • You feel anxious or overwhelmed by personal or professional commitments, and don’t get any time to yourself;
  • You want more self-confidence, self-esteem, and an ability to bounce-back faster when life knocks you down;
  • You feel like you should have achieved more with your life or career, and despite working really hard, long hours, you just haven’t achieved the results you were expecting;
  • You struggle with imposter syndrome – fear of failure, fear of success, feeling like a fraud, don’t feel good enough, etc;
  • You have things you want to achieve but just can’t seem to get them done;
  • You feel ‘out of balance’, or ‘out of kilter’, and don’t know why;
  • You feel stressed, depressed, and/or anxious a lot of the time and don’t know why;
  • You’ve lost direction in your life, or feel unfulfilled;
  • You’re always ‘busy’, trying to make things ‘perfect’ – often to the detriment of your mental health and overall wellbeing;
  • You want the motivation to get things done, the courage to create and enforce boundaries, or the conviction to say “no” to people;

 The Benefits of

Therapeutic Life Coaching


There are many proven benefits to working with a Therapeutic Life Coach, here are just a few:

  • You get life-changing results without actually having to DO anything!
  • You get to uncover the root cause(s) of the problem we tackle them, together;
  • You get to rediscover and reconnect with your true, authentic self which removes any of that resistance you may have felt;
  • You get released from whatever’s been holding you back or keeping you stuck;
  • You become empowered, more confident and more self-assured;
  • Guide you towards accessing your own inner wisdom and knowledge and in turn, uncover your purpose, your why;
  • We facilitate real, long-lasting, change that happens from the inside out,
  • You get a safe, non-judgemental space that will help you gain clarity, and enable you to properly explore your thoughts and feelings;
  • You get to improve your performance in ALL aspects of your life – business, career, relationships, etc
  • I’ll bring to each session powerful tried-and-trusted therapeutic skills and techniques tailored towards any ‘thing’ or ‘things’ that needs some attention either to overcome it – anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome etc, or to boost it – confidence, assertiveness, etc


My role as your Therapeutic Life Coach is to remove whatever’s been holding you back and teach you to fly.

Where you go after that is entirely up to you.

 Meet your

Therapeutic Life Coach

Hello, I’m Andrea.

I’m a professional Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Consultant with over 25 years’ experience gained on major rail, construction, and utilities projects across the UK.

In a generally unregulated field, I became a certified and accredited Therapeutic Life Coach, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner so you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing you will be working with a competent professional with the skills, knowledge, and ability to help you.

My friendly, non-judgemental approach has been recognised and appreciated by my clients over the years.  As someone who lost 15 years of my life due to depression, it’s become a mission of mine to help people live a better, more content life by treating the root causes of their issues, and not waste time faffing with the symptoms or papering over the cracks.  You can look forward to receiving powerful, tried-and-trusted therapeutic techniques that have the potential to deliver long-term, life-changing results for you.

The techniques I’ll be bringing to our sessions have been developed and used the world over for more than 30 years to help celebrities and even Royalty!  I’ve learned from the best.

My life was a shambles. I was at a real low point in my life, my job was getting me down and I felt at the lowest point in my life.  I doubted myself and my abilities.  I felt worthless.  Andrea instantly had an impact on me, from our first conversation I immediately felt empowered and quit the toxic role I was in.  She has rebuilt me from a shadow of myself and I’m now a lot happier and more confident.  It is an incredible process and I would recommend to anyone.

Wayne B, UK

Before working with Andrea, I felt like I was “almost there”.  Things were lining up beautifully, but there were still a few pieces missing.  I still had a sense of limbo, and knew the general direction I was heading, but not the specific vector.  I decided to proceed to work with her because the space and service she was offering resonated with me.  After experiencing Transformational Life Coaching with Andrea, I am more emotionally resilient and my life feels in flow.  I am more empowered to respond from a place of wholeness, instead of reacting emotionally.  I am more in touch with myself… my needs and motivations and desires.  Thank you for a lovely experience!

Abi D, Costa Rica

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