Transformational Life Coaching

Are you feeling stressed and anxious?

With Transformational Life Coaching we can turn this around

Feeling overworked or overwhelmed?


Discover how to better balance your life’s commitments

Are you ready to transform your life?


With Transformational Life Coaching we can turn this around.

Need help with Self-Care and building resilience?


With personalised coaching, learn how to practice self-care and get more positive about your future

What are you waiting for?


What you do today affects your future.  Why waste any more time?

Are you ready to move forwards

with your life?

Transformational Life Coaching is a proven solution that takes you from where you are now, towards long-term happiness and success.


With a little help from a professional in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment, we’ll be able to release you from what’s holding you back, any related pressure or stress, AND uncover your limitless potential.


A helping hand might be all you need.


Whether you are suffering from overwhelm or facing burnout, unhappy with your current life path, or simply looking to become a better, happier, healthier, version of yourself – we can help.


At Nature’s Way Lifestyle, we’re privileged to be able to offer you highly sought after personal sessions which combine the powerful elements of Transformational Life Coaching, with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnotherapy, to get you the results you desire, fast.

(These are the kind of services that celebrities and Royalty the world over use – to great success.)

How can Transformational Life Coaching help me?

Transformational Life Coaching is for you if:


  • You feel overwhelmed by personal or professional commitments, and don’t get any time to yourself;
  • You feel like you should have achieved more with your life or career, but something keeps holding you back;
  • You struggle with imposter syndrome – fear of failure, fear of success, feeling like a fraud, don’t feel good enough, etc;
  • You have things you want to achieve but just can’t seem to get them done;
  • You feel ‘out of balance’. ‘out of kilter’, and don’t really know why;
  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed, and/or anxious;
  • You’ve lost direction in your life, or just feel unfulfilled;
  • You’re always ‘busy’, trying to make things ‘perfect’ – the the detriment of your mental health and overall wellbeing;
  • You want the motivation to get things done, the courage to create and enforce boundaries, or the conviction to say “no” to people;
  • You hear yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…..” (you buy your own house / finish that diploma or degree / get that promotion / get married, etc)

 Why Hire a

Transformational Life Coach?


  • Because your current lifestyle is just not working for you and it needs to change.
  • You feel stuck in a rut and you’re on the proverbial treadmill.  Every day is almost exactly the same.
  • You feel like you’re being pulled from pillar to post.
  • You spend most of your time making sure everyone else is sorted – the kids have the money they need for the school trip, the car’s Road Tax is due and it’s MOT has been booked in, and you have to figure out what there is for tea and if you need to stop at the shop on the way home from work!
  • Your life’s not your own, and you barely get 5 minutes to yourself.


Or maybe ….


  • Your physical health isn’t great.  It could be better.
  • You’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • You’re struggling with your weight and have been for years.  (Quick heads-up, diets don’t work, so don’t be too hard on yourself.)
  • You know you need to exercise, but you either don’t have the time or the energy to do it.


And then there’s your mental health….

How is that anxiety, stress, and/or depression?

How is all that mental chatter and ‘noise’ working out for you?


Are you waking up most days feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, or are you being kept awake with a brain that won’t switch off?


I know what that’s like, I’ve been there.

And now I’m not.


Think back to the last safety announcement you heard on an aeroplane just before you jetted off somewhere ….

Remember the bit about the oxygen mask?

Who’s mask is supposed to go on first?


Yes, that’s right.  YOURS!


The thing is, you are no good to anybody if you’re not fit yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally, etc


And if you’re completely honest with yourself, you already know this.


When you’re ready to take back control of your time, life, health, and energy, click the button below and let’s see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

 The Benefits of

Transformational Life Coaching


There are many proven benefits to working with a Transformational Life Coach, here are just a few:


  • You get results without being assigned strategies, or having things to actually do!
  • Changes your mindset and perspective so that you can achieve a better work-life balance;
  • Pursue and achieve the goals that are important to you;
  • Free yourself from what’s been holding you back so you can achieve more, easily, without any resistance or excuses;
  • Become empowered and more confident in yourself;
  • You are guided towards accessing your own inner wisdom and knowledge.
  • Facilitates real, long-lasting, change happens from the inside out;
  • Provides a safe, non-judgemental space that will help you gain clarity;
  • May provide you with any tools and resources to help you;
  • Reach your goals faster.

 Meet your Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist,

and NLP Practitioner

– Andrea

“Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m a professionally qualified Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner. 

I’m also a professional Health, Safety and Wellbeing Consultant to a number of high-risk companies in the UK.

My friendly, non-judgemental style, coupled with tried-and-trusted techniques, will enable us to get to the bottom of your problem(s) quickly so I can treat the cause(s) and not just the symptoms.

During our sessions, I’ll be deploying fast-acting therapeutic techniques that will deliver long-term results for you – and not just temporarily paper over the cracks like some methods do.

These techniques have been used by my trainer the world over for over 30 years, and have helped celebrities, including Royalty!”

If you’d like to see if we’d be a good fit working together, click the link below and book your Discovery Call.


With the right support from the appropriate professional,

not only can you tackle the issues that are holding you back right now,

but you’ll be able to maintain and sustain those changes for life!

Your health journey begins from the Inside.

The key to success is any lifestyle change: preparation. Our Meal Plans have that part covered so you only have to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

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