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The following Planners are Digital Products

100 Day Challenge Planner

Our Most Popular Planner! Planning in shorter, 100 day periods helps you achieve more in 100 Days than in 365!

Take Inspired Actions towards your dream life instead of staying trapped in the day-to-day. It’s time to STOP neglecting your future!

The time span is long enough to complete your goals, yet short enough to prevent burnout! 

Finally get the motivation and traction you need! And if you need an accountability parter, just say so!


12-Week Sprint Planner

Learn how to avoid overwhelm and boost productivity by planning your year – 12 weeks at a time.

The 12-Week Sprint Planner is a great tool to get your mind and actions focused, so you can stop putting things off and make positive changes in your home or work life.

People think of goal achievement as a year-long process, but 365 days is too long to maintain drive and keep focused.  12 weeks is long enough to get things done, and short enough to keep you motivated so you won’t run out of steam.


Daily Productivity Planner

Looking for a fantastic, simple method to plan your day and get things done?

If the answer to that question is “Yes!”, you need this Daily Planner.

Planning and Journaling is a popular way of helping you create your ideal lifestyle – one day at a time.

Get focused on what you need to be doing on a daily basis, drown out the background noise, make real progress, and become your own life coach.

Review your progress in manageable timescales because what you do today determines your tomorrow.



The following Journals are Digital Products

12 Week Bullet Journal (BuJo)

Looking for a fantastic, simple method to plan your day and get things done?

If the answer is “Yes!” you need a BuJo.

It’s becoming a popular way of journalling and works particularly well if you’re busy and feel like you’re being pulled in many directions.


Sleep Journal

The Sleep Journal

Sleep.  Most of us are sleep deprived and while this can be dangerous, it can negatively impact on our day-to-day activities and damage our health, including weight gain.

Make sleep a priority.  With our journal you can track your sleep hours and develop healthy habits that set you up for a good night’s rest, so you reap the benefits.


Self-Care for Busy Mums

There’s a reason why you have to put your lifejacket on before you help anyone else, and staying healthy is vital for those you care about (as well as yourself).

Learn how to make time and take proper care of yourself with tried and tested techniques that really work and can be implemented quickly and easily.



The following Workbooks are Digital Products

12 Week Bullet Journal, Calendar for Productivity, BUJO

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workbook

Are you ready to get fit and healthy?

Sticking to fitness goals is difficult.  Did you know that a staggering 73% of people who set a fitness goal often give up?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve created a 30-Day Fitness Challenge Workbook that you can use on your own or with a small group to help get you where you want to be.

It’s reusable so you can get creative every 30 days, increasing your chances of success!


Cultivate an Abundance Mindset Workbook

Discover how to live a wealthier, less stressful life through an abundance mindset with our specially developed workbook.

Uncover the negative self-talk and beliefs that are holding you back so you can tackle each one of them once and for all.

Learn when to accept the things you cannot change, get the courage to change the things you can, and uncover the wisdom to know the difference.


The Art of Calming Your Mind Workbook

How would you like to cut through the noise of day-to-day life?

Create calm, self-compassion, and good habits to become more present in the here and now.

We’re living in turbulent times with challenges on so many fronts, often causing us stress and anxiety which can negatively impact on our physical and mental health.

By completing our workbook, you’ll learn how to achieve rest, peace and serenity to drown out the ‘noise’.


Meal Plans & Bundles

If you’re ready to transform your life, we recommend you start with your food and your mindset. How we think about food, and what we eat dictates our energy levels, immunity, weight, mental health and wellbeing and so much more.

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