What is Leaky Gut?  

Leaky Gut is also known as Hyperpermeable Intestines. It is what is says on the tin – the intestinal lining is no longer able to function as it should – allowing its contents to spill from your gut into your blood stream.

Harmful particles such as bacteria, toxins and partially digested food is ‘leaking’ into your bloodstream through your intestinal wall – your hyperpermeable ‘leaky’ gut.  

This is when health issues arise…

How it works normally, is the intestinal lining is the first defence of our immune system – therefore very valuable.  As I said, the wall blocks bacteria, harmful toxins, food particles – you name it; if you’ve injected it, the intestinal lining stops that from leaking into the blood stream and causing deficiency in the immune system.  When something called the ‘tight junction’ becomes faulty and loosens, you will begin suffering from leaky gut and the side effects associated.  

So… What symptoms can you expect? And do you already have Leaky Gut?  

Firstly, what are the symptoms you need to look out for to be aware that you may have leaky gut?

  1. Seasonal allergies and/or asthma 
  2. Auto-immune diseases
  3. Acne, eczema, rosacea 
  4. Candida overgrowth 
  5. Diagnosis of fatigue 
  6. Digestive system bloating, gas, diarrhoea and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)  

Inflammation of the gut will occur as the immune system is forced to leap into action against the toxins, bacteria and food particles released into the blood.  Not being isolated to the gut, inflammation occurs in other parts of the body such as your joints, which may result in an ‘under the weather’ feeling, random aches and pains and stiffness as your immune system is struggling to keep up with the bacteria damage in your blood.  This in turn can lead to fatigue, breakouts and skin irritation such as eczema.  

How do you treat leaky gut?  

If you looked and the symptoms and identified a few or all within yourself.  You may well have leaky gut.  

Now you must repair your body or suffer the effects of autoimmune diseases for longer.  In three simple and effective steps you could eliminate your symptoms and heal your gut – if you stick it out!  It isn’t an overnight cure; however short-term immediate actions have long term benefits! 

1 – Removal of the causes

As you probably know, it is no good treating the condition if the causes are still present and causing harm.  It’s time to change your diet.  Taking up something like Paleo, if you do not wish to cut out meat yet, will eliminate refined sugars, food additives, processed foods, dairy such as cow’s milk and cheese and grains such as rice, wheat, gluten along with carbs such as pasta and bread.  

These foods are most likely causing your leaky gut.  Ever felt bloated and inflamed after eating pasta, bread, rice or heavy dairy products?  It is because your gut is being damaged by them. 

The first thing to do in this process of healing your gut is to cut out the cr*p that’s causing you all this torment in the first place.  Once you adopt a low-tox diet, you will be introduced to a huge range of foods that don’t have a negative effect on your gut and therefore help the healing process for a healthier you.  

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at out Meal Plans that are designed around the concept of using Food As Medicine. We offer Paleo, and Plant based to transform your diet into something healthful and healing. You will be given everything you need to succeed. 

2 – Repair 

You’ve now cut out the cr*p and your gut will reduce in swelling.  Your skin is either detoxifying (having a breakout) or getting clearer – in my case my it got worse for a few days before it got better.  

It’s time to repair the gut.  Vitamin D and Zinc will help repair the lining of your gut.  And most importantly, it’s time to begin consuming gut healing foods such as Kombucha, Sauerkraut and Coconut Water Kefir to give it a boost.  Kombucha (( https://amzn.to/3BHZ62g )) is a fantastic source for probiotics which is exactly what your gut is in need of for it to repair.  

Simply put, foods like sauerkraut and kefir will give the essential microbiome of your gut the food it needs to grow and flourish, promoting a healthy gut flora perfect for repairs and maintenance here on out. My favourite sauerkraut recipe this (( https://amzn.to/3kYXfzZ )), I simply put a tablespoon at the side of most meals and enjoy the benefits. 

3 – Rebuild

Rebuilding your gut health is hugely important to not only heal the symptoms of auto-immune disease but also prevent it from happening again.  

Rebuilding and maintaining the gut health is the key to keeping the auto-immune diseases gone for good!  

The best way to do that: change your lifestyle completely, starting with your diet!  

At NWL we operate with the goal of helping individuals get everything they need to succeed in a lifestyle change. We have built a 14 Day Plant Based Challenge, and a 28 Day Detox Challenge (Paleo) to do just that. 3 Recipes a day, 7 days a week, over 84 Recipes in total! 

It is known that the hardest part of any change is the preparation, it is knowing what you’re going to eat and when rather than making it up as you go and slipping up when you’re on the mend.  

We removed the stress of the preparation for you, making life easier so you can focus your energy on healing you gut health and making positive changes in your lifestyle.   Check them out on our website ((LINK to product/services page)), read what you get with each and work out what works best for you.  

They were designed to heal. Whether it be weight-loss, or a detox, they will do just that because they were created under our top ethos. Food Is Medicine. 

A final note, chronic stress in your lifestyle can also cause your leaky gut to become more severe than it has to be.  

Changing your diet to and following the steps to eliminate leaky gut will do wonders if you stick to it, however reducing stress in your life will speed up this healing process and in future will help maintain a healthy mind and body.  

The best thing to eliminate stress is to first assess where’s it coming from. Is it your job, your partner etc.?   Once identified, create an action plan, along with some healthful methods like mediation into your day-to-day and bring that stress down. Your health will thank you for it! 

Here’s to a healthier you!  

Fight through the journey, thrive in the destination!