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Are you living your best life?

Ready to break free from that invisible barrier that’s been holding you back?

Maybe you’re in need of a boost to get you moving forwards?

Or are you your own worst enemy? –  You know what you need to be doing, and should be doing, but you’re just not doing it?  (And I’ll wager you’re fed up of that inner critic giving you a hard time about it too eh?)

Whatever that ‘thing’ is that’s holding you back or keeping you stuck is, it’s preventing you from reaching your goals.

But that’s OK, right?  There’s always tomorrow….



You’re wasting valuable time by doing nothing, or by doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Remember the definition of insanity?  

I’m paraphrasing here but essentially it’s continuing to do the same things and expecting to get a different result.


It’s Time To Change!

And when you change, your whole life can change, and so can the lives of those you love and care about.

Imagine that.


It’s like throwing a small rock into the still waters of a pond and watching the ripples.


And that’s just something we’ve been fortunate to hear about from our private clients.


It’s such a great feeling – for everyone, including us.


We’re so privileged to work with the most amazing, daring, and often courageous people.

It’s thanks to them that we’ve decided to reach out to even more people, so that we can help them.


Below are the 8 most commonly requested topics that we’ve helped our private clients with over the past 12 months.


Is your ‘thing’ one of them?


When you Register to Join Us, we’ll be using the very latest powerful, clinical-grade Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy (RTH) techniques, where real change is possible faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

Our Live Group RTH sessions are a great way for you to experience the life-changing benefits we offer to our private clients – for only £37 per event.  AND we’ll be gifting you a recording of the Transformational aspect as a digital download afterwards!


If you’ve never tried hypnotherapy before, let alone Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy, NOW is the time!


We pinky promise there’ll be no swinging of an old pocket watch in front of your eyes, or having you stare at a swirly thing. 

There’ll be no “look into my eyes, not around my eyes” malarkey. 

AND you won’t be morphing into a chicken or a barking dog like you may have seen on the hypnotists stage!  (Although we may consider private requests!)



The following Live Events include Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy.

Although hypnotherapy is considered safe for many, and has been successfully used in medical and therapeutic settings for many years, it is not suitable for any of the following conditions:

  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Pathological personality disorder
  • Senility

Hypnotherapy may not be suitable if you have epilepsy, narcolepsy, depression, asthma, or a heart condition, and any of these will require your doctor’s approval prior to attendance.

If you are a diabetic, make sure that your levels are stable, and will remain so, during the event.  The event itself will be a clinical-grade session expected to last 60 to 90 minutes.

Limited Places Available on these Incredibly Powerful Group Live Events


Each Event is scheduled to take place on a Wednesday at 20:00hrs (8pm) London, UK time

Events run from 17th April – 5th June 2024 inclusive, with a different topic each week


Scroll down for more information and to Register!

3 people sitting at a table in a meeting at work, each with a plain white mask in front of their faces

Overcome Imposter Syndrome 17/04/24

Imposter syndrome can take many forms, including causing us to doubt our abilities and recognise our accomplishments. Overcoming it can be incredibly liberating. How would you like to unlock your potential, start embracing your strengths and talents, and start pursuing your goals with a greater sense of confidence?

Man with an umbrella pointed towards strong driving winds pushing through

Develop Resilience 24/04/24

Resilience is like a muscle that strengthens with every challenge faced. As you develop resilience, you’ll find yourself better equipped to navigate life’s ups and downs. Instead of being knocked down by setbacks, you’ll bounce back stronger than before. This resilience empowers you to persevere through touch times, and adapt to changes with grace. Moreover, it fosters a mindset of growth and possibility so you could start to view obstacles as opportunities for growth instead of insurmountable barriers.

Picture shows a marked test paper with a Fail grade

Overcome Procrastination 01/05/24

Overcoming procrastination is like unlocking the door to productivity and fulfillment. By breaking free from the cycle of delay and avoidance, you reclaim control of your time and energy. Instead of putting off important tasks, you tackle them head-on with focus and determination. Discover a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in completing tasks efficiently and effectively, fuelling your momentum and propelling you towards your goals.

Picture shows a group of students at a graduation ceremony wearing mortar boards and cloaks with scrolls in their hands

Believe in Yourself 08/05/24

Believing in yourself is like having a trusted friend at your side at all times. It fuels your determination and propels you forwards, even in the face of doubt or uncertainty. When you truly believe in yourself, you tap into a well of inner strength and resilience. This unwavering self-belief empowers you to silence the inner critic and embrace your unique abilities and potential. It’s time to start approaching challenges with a sense of courage and optimism, knowing you can succeed!

Woman sitting at a desk playing with a paper aeroplane when she should be working

Overcome Money Blocks 15/05/24

Overcoming money blocks is like removing barriers on the road to financial success. By addressing and dismantling limiting beliefs around money, you open the door to abundance and prosperity. It empowers you to cultivate a positive mindset towards wealth, allowing you to attract and manage money with confidence and clarity. This process liberates you from financial stress and fear, enabling you to build a secure future and pursue your goals with newfound freedom.

Woman confidently chairing a meeting

Develop Unshakable Confidence 22/05/24

Developing unshakable confidence is like building a sturdy foundation upon which you can construct your dreams. True confidence stems from self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-belief. It allows you to stand tall in the face of challenges, knowing that you are worthy and capable of success. As you cultivate unshakable confidence, you’ll exude a magnetic presence that inspires trust and respect in others. This inner confidence serves as a beacon enabling you to navigate obstacles with resilience.

Woman with her face in her hands looking stressed and anxious

Overcome Fear and Anxiety 29/05/24

Overcoming fear and anxiety is like breaking free from the chains that bind you. It liberates you to fully embrace life with courage and enthusiasm. By confronting your fears head-on and challenging anxious thoughts, you reclaim control of your mind and emotions. Develop your own internal coping mechanisms to manage fear and anxiety more effectively. As you cultivate resilience in the face of adversity, you’ll discover a new found sense of peace and serenity enabling you to thrive.

A pair of hands holding the world

Think Big 05/06/24

Thinking big is like setting sail on a grand adventure towards your wildest dreams and aspirations. It ignites your imagination and expands your vision of what’s possible. When you dare to think big, you transcend limitations and embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility. By setting audacious goals and pursuing them with passion and perseverance, you’ll unlock hidden potential and uncover new opportunities along the way.

Remember - Limited Places Available on these Incredibly Powerful Group Live Events, so ACT FAST


Each Event is scheduled to take place on a Wednesday at 20:00hrs (8pm) London, UK time

Events run from 17th April – 5th June 2024 inclusive, with a different topic each week


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